Zuccherodesign Introduce the Exceptional Ibiza Living Style

Zuccherodesign Architects is uniquely positioned to create and bring to life avant garde houses and dwellings. Most importantly, we are able to bring substance and shape to the Exceptional Ibiza Living Style. We are sensitive to the emotional side of creating just the right property as our team of local talent has a personal knowledge of the land and its unique properties, but at the same time we are as cosmopolitan as you. We ask for the privilege of becoming your partner and steward as you start a fascinating journey to discover the mythical Ibiza Island.

Let us help you begin your personal quest to your very own place in the world.

Pablo Salon Zucchero is a member of the American Institute of Architects

Hotel Concept Design in Ibiza / Spain

SG Hotel & Wine Bank in Ibiza by Zuccherodesign Architects comprise a glass-encased box that houses a precision- laser perforated Green Patina Cooper screen that extends up from the mezzanine level to the ground plane. Corten Oxid Steel and Absolute Black Granite holds the structure to give substance to this evanescent volume. At night, the interior is lit to give a diffuse glow through the glass and slits in the metal screen.

2 commenti:

Miriam ha detto...

Nice design! I love architects that do this kind of buildings! I've seen so many houses in Ibiza with great designs too!


Herika Noleto ha detto...

Wow ! ! Fantastic architect designs. The glass encased box of the Hotels in Ibiza along with the surroundings look like a colorful wall. Thanks for the post.